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Jersey Mikes Coupons

Jersey Mike’s believes in three aspects of business that has allowed them to stay in business since 1956. Great subs, exceptional service, and community outreach. Each of these values has entrenched Jersey Mike’s in the hearts of many patrons across the country. Opening back in 1956 as Mike’s Subs, customer service was paramount and the original idea of ‘submarine’ sandwiches was born. The first Mike’s Subs was opened in Point Pleasant, New Jersey which was a hot spot for tourists along the East coast. It frequently would have long lines in the summer due to the popularity of the subs. In 1972, Peter Cancro bought the business from Mike and established a cult-like following for the next decade when he decided to franchise what now was referred to as Jersey Mike’s Subs. Franchising gave owners the opportunity to open around the country to satisfy customers that lived in states that didn’t contain a Jersey Mikes. Now there are over 600 locations opened across the United States as they continue their historic rise as the #1 sub shop. They are also no stranger to appeasing their fans with Jersey Mike’s coupons as well.

Jersey Mike’s is a special sub shop that relishes each sub served Mike’s way, with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, oil, vinegar and spices available. Customers can order cold subs, hot subs, wraps or subs in a tub (a low carb choice). No corners are cut with each sub made as all the ingredients are of the highest quality. The meat is cut right in the store and is of the utmost quality. The bread is cooked daily each day as well. Customers can see exactly how their sandwich is made right in front of them as they place their order. Jersey Mike’s is all about quality and giving the customer an experience they won’t soon forget. Jersey Mike’s gives customers the opportunity to shop online and have their sub ready for them when they get to the local store to retrieve it. Need subs catered for your big event? No problem. Jersey Mike’s can handle all your party needs with their special catering menu that is sure to satisfy crowds of all sizes.

Jumping for Jersey Mikes Coupons on their Homepage

Jersey Mikes couponsWith their pulse on each community they reside in and customer service being at the forefront of management’s mind every day, they are kind enough to give out Jersey Mike’s coupons from time to time to make your experience les s expensive. Many times when they first come into a community they pass out free sub coupons at festivals and events just to welcome people to their shop. They also commonly have days where you can donate money to an organization and in return receive a free sub. It’s these kinds of Jersey Mikes coupons that people appreciate and they recognize the kindness Jersey Mikes releases to the community that surrounds them. Other Jersey Mike’s coupons can be found in numerous places on the web and I will point out a handful of locations in which you can secure them.

The Jersey Mike’s homepage is certain to fill you in on information you need to find locations near you, their wonderful menu options with nutritional value, or more history of their rise to fame. Here, you can also find Jersey Mike’s Subs email club to sign up for. By providing your name and email address, you will receive occasional emails informing you of the latest info surrounding their business, plus unbelievable offers and a Jersey Mike coupon to boot.

Anticipate receiving a birthday surprise as well in the form of a free sub and drink coupon that is valid for your birthday. Simply fill out your information and get started immediately on the savings.

If you are a frequent visitor to Jersey Mike’s Subs, along with using coupons for Jersey Mike’s, it’s important to sign up for a Rewards card to collect points on every purchase you make. When you scan your card or tag, you will receive 4 points for every Mini sub, 6 points for every Regular sub, wrap, or Sub-in-a-tub, or 12 points for every Giant sub. Once you’ve totaled enough points, you can use them for the purchase of a free sub in the size of your choice.

Jersey Mikes couponFinding a Jersey Mikes Coupon on Facebook

Social media fans will enjoy becoming friends of Jersey Mike’s on Facebook because of the friendliness of the fans and Jersey Mike management that spend a lot of time on the page communicating with each other. It isn’t unusual to see them hosting events or community programs that will entitle you to Jersey Mike’s coupons. Keep your eye on their Facebook fan page often, not only to exchange pleasantries with people who love Jersey Mike’s, but also for a Jersey Mikes coupon that you can print out and use in the store.

Seeking out Jersey Mike’s coupons on external websites like or is a smart idea because you can isolate on a verified coupons that will work in the stores. Forum members will post coupons and the public will vote on whether the coupon worked for them and report back in, so others don’t make the mistake of using an ineligible Jersey Mike’s coupon. Many times you can find a coupon for $1 off any regular sub which is a nice savings for people on a budget.

Be sure to make Jersey Mike’s the sub place you turn to for subs the way you want them. You can always count on the absolute best quality, customer service, and community extension from Jersey Mike’s. Those are things that will never go away. To find Jersey Mike’s coupons, start with their Email Club to get emails sent to your inbox regularly. Join their Rewards program if you are a frequent visitor as you can end up getting a free sub. Utilize Facebook often to seek out sub coupons that you can print out and bring to the store, as well as other couponing websites to find ones that make sense for you or your party. Locating a Jersey Mikes coupon is instrumental if you want to keep your costs down. Nonetheless, it’s an absolute certainty that you will enjoy Jersey Mike’s Subs locations since they’ve been going strong for a solid 55 years and trust can be seen in the longevity of a company.

Jersey Mikes is quickly becoming the place people of all ages are turning to for sub sandwiches made right. Locate the nearest Jersey Mikes and give them a try today, you won’t be sorry.

Jersey Mikes Nutrition

Looking up a comprehensive rundown of Jersey Mikes nutrition guide is very easy, thanks to various websites that devote a significant amount of online real estate just to share this vital piece of information.

Checking restaurant menus for nutritional values of food offered has become a habit of many people, especially those who are conscious of what they eat. Of course, requesting food servers, waiters, and restaurant employees to explain the nutritional contents of each item in their menu can be tedious, if not impractical.

Thankfully, the Internet is wealthy with websites devoted to weight watching and healthy eating. These websites provide information about the nutritional value of most food offered in menus of popular restaurants and establishments. As one of the most well-known restaurant franchises in the United States, Jersey Mike’s Subs has not escaped the public eye when it comes to the nutritional value of its food offerings.

Hence, a quick search with the key phrase “Jersey Mikes nutrition” will lead one to thousands of websites that provide either substantial review of the restaurant menu or a detailed breakdown of the nutritional value of every sandwich in the company’s menu.

Information For Jersey Mikes Nutrition

Jersey Mike’s own website also provides sufficient information about the nutritional content of and the ingredients used in each sub jersey mikes nutritionthat the company’s well-trained employees prepare upon order. In most cases, the site has more than enough information to satisfy even the most inquisitive customer. Nevertheless, if one is skeptical or afraid of biased representation by the company, there are thousands of websites that offer their own take on the nutritional value of Jersey Mike’s menu.

This conscious effort among customers to scrutinize the health value of food offered by commercial establishments has not really affected Jersey Mike’s because the company has always been known to use only the freshest, healthiest, and cleanest ingredients in all of their products. Indeed, even in an era when healthy food was not yet in vogue, Jersey Mike’s was already serving up healthy fare as early as the 1950s, the decade when the first branch of this now-famous submarine sandwich store’s outlet was first opened.

The sandwich chain’s devotion to creating healthy yet tasty food is the main reason that its website proudly and painstakingly lists every ingredient and their nutritional value. Hence, customers will know the actual protein, calorie, sodium, vitamins, and fat content that they are consuming with every bite of Jersey

Mike’s famous subs. In fact, the Jersey Mikes nutrition guide is not limited to the company’s subs and sandwiches but also includes that for its salads, soups, cookies, and even drinks.

Clearly, there is no doubt that the company supports and believes that restaurants have the responsibility to ensure that they do not serve only mouthwatering dishes but also healthy food. That in a nutshell is the message that Jersey Mikes nutrition guide hopes to send to customers. Jersey Mikes also likes to send the message that their subs can be had for cheaper with coupons for Jersey Mikes.


Soaking Up the Jersey Mikes Menu

Everybody knows great subs come from the heart. At Jersey Mike’s you get the best all-around sub that satisfies the soul of your tummy. Whether you want a cold sub, hot sub, wraps, kid’s meal or sub-in-a-tub, at Jersey Mike’s your taste buds will always explode with great flavor. Peek at their grand menu and choose a new favorite for you. Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity to save big with coupons for Jersey Mikes every time to visit your local shop.

Cold subs are made with all your preferred ingredients. Jersey Mike’s cold subs are:

Jersey Shore’s Favorite cold sub got its name from the early fifties. It’s made with ham and cappacuolo and provolone cheese. People from all over visited the Jersey shore area and always got a one-stop sub from Jersey Mike’s. Back in the day, Jersey Mike’s became one of the first quality taste known sub shops to ever exist. Generations later, they are still number one.

Classic-American sub is made with ham and provolone. Of course you can add as many toppings as you want, but it was created to satisfy your taste with a sense of cheesy flavoring. Are you hungry yet?

The Vegetarian Sub well known for many locals and visitors who do not to eat meat. This sandwich comes with a twist of veggies starting with green peppers followed by provolone and ending with swiss or another tasty treat. Mouth watering!

Super Club has provolone, cheese, ham and cappacuolo. This is a sub that hits the hunger spot with its zesty flavors. My-Oh-My!

Turkey Breast and Provolone is the most popular menu item in Jersey Mike’s sub shop served with fat free jersey mikes turkey breast and provoloneturkey. That’s fine eatery…don’t you think?

Tuna Fish is always freshly made with Jersey Mike’s specialty ingredients that are pleasingly tasteful for all customer desires.

Famous-Roast-Beef and Provolone is made with grade A choice beef that is freshly cooked per order. It’s the known as the best darn beef roast created!

The Original-Italian-Sub is a big eye catcher. It’s meaty and cheese topping are sure to quench your hunger starting with the first bite.

The Club-Sub ready for launch! This sub is made with turkey, provolone, bacon, ham and mayo. It’s the creator of all creations made Mike’s way! Great taste right from a master mind!

Club supreme is exactly what the name express; a cold sub with a supreme load of beef roast, swiss cheese with turkey, bacon and mayo. Mike’s way is guaranteed to soothe the giant hungers soul.

Hot Subs are made to your liking and always the right temperature. They include: 

Jersey-Mike’s-famous Philly are known to make any grill happy to have helped create it. It’s made with onions and peppers grilled to perfection. What a delicious combination!

Chipotle chicken or steak  are perfectly grilled to your liking. Either one is made with chipotle mayo, onions and peppers. Wow that’s taste times 10!

Big-Kahuna Chicken or Steak with cheese are both made of spicy jalapenos, onions, cheese to give a fiery mouth-watering sub delight is exactly what I’d call it! Yummy!

Meatball & Cheese sub will melt in your mouth. The fine taste of two cheeses mixed is a sure winner with this sub. All ages would love it!

Chicken Parmesan is the cheesy of all subs and made with real chicken. Excellent way to start your sub day!

Grilled Pastrami Reuben is made with high quality cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing…A real sub stopper for all hungry tummies!Grilled Pastrami Reuben

Wraps: Did you know that you could make any sub into a healthy wrap? Yep, no joke and the best part about it is the price. Can you imagine a wrap as great for the same price as a regular sub? Heck yeah…

Chicken Caesar is all wrapped up with lettuce, chicken, tomatoes and more. Good to eat with loads of wrapping taste! Delicious!

Buffalo-Style-Chicken gives you that smothered chicken taste…buffalo style!

Baja-Chicken-Sub is made slices of chicken breast, American cheeses, salsa, peppers and jalapenos. What a grand entrance of taste with a side of boldness! Whoa! It’s getting hot in here!

Grilled-Vegetarian-Sub is created Mikes way with perfection. Oh Yeah! This sub rocks!

Wrapped Turkey is fat free and made with honey-mustard-sauce, tomato, and lettuce served hot and straight out of the oven. This is one of the smoothest wraps made with turkey that HOLLAS great taste!

Sub-In-A-Tub: Now this is something that is especially made for all our non-bread eaters. This salad is made of the same ingredients and toppings just like a regular sub, but just without the bread. Instead you get lettuce in the place of the bread. All you need is a Sub-In-A Tub, Fork, Knife and Napkin. In return you get healthier food and with low carbs and gluten free. Are you ready to surprise your hunger?

Kids Meal: Every kid wants to be just like mommy and daddy! They want to eat the same things too. It’s something about being eight and under that makes a kids meal exciting! With Jersey Mike’s kid’s meal, kids are able to enjoy a variety of subs with a cool drink and cookie. Thumbs up on this one!

Jersey Mike’s subs are the greatest and will continue to be around for future generations. Visit Jersey Mike’s at and look for a location near you. Isn’t it time to get your hunger under control and your stomach full? Go get one of Jersey Mike’s subs today!

Review of Jersey Mikes

Jersey Mike’s Subs feature wraps, cold subs, and hot subs right off the grill. They were one of the original sub shops around, starting in 1956 with a little restaurant in Point Pleasant, New Jersey; at that time they were known as “Mike’s Subs.”  Now they have over 600 locations open and under development in the United States. You can bring home a little taste of Jersey each time you order one of their sub sandwiches, utilizing discounts from Jersey Mikes regularly.

What People Are Saying About Jersey Mikes

Customers say that if you want a fresh and sliced, made to order sandwich, Jersey Mike’s is the place to be. You’ll understand why customers have said “this chain puts other to shame.” Why? Right away you’ll noticejersey mikes review the Jersey Mike’s Subs difference that customers love, “meats cooked daily, fresh vegetables and fresh-baked bread.”  You’ll appreciate that Jersey Mike’s cures the meat themselves plus also love that unlike their competitors, Jersey Mike’s “meat is a lot more flavorful,” Jersey’s Mikes’ fans note their attention to detail to making each sandwich a perfect combination of ingredients and “mouth-watering flavor.”

The sandwiches are “truly giant” and can be considered “enough for two people.” The chain’s fans rave that “you can tell the quality is pretty high.” You won’t be overwhelmed by a large menu with a lot of choices, no, you’ll only be able to order the best Jersey Mike’s can offer, like Big Kahuna Cheese Steak that “is a submarine missle ready to take out your biggest appetite!” Order your sandwich

Appreciating the Options at Jersey Mikes

What makes Jersey’s Mike’s worth “waiting for even with long lines” is the food and service.  For one, their hot sandwiches are made on the stove. You won’t find any pre-warmed meat “cooking” in a microwave at Jersey Mike’s.  Subs are fresh-made and can the signature Mike’s Way ingredients: “onions, lettuce, tomatoes, vinegar, oil, and spices.”

You can choose from any number of cold subs, such as the Jersey Shore’s Favorite (provolone, ham and cappacuolo), The American Classic (ham and provolone), Tuna Fish made right on the premises, The Original Italian and more. Hot sub favorites include Jersey Mike’s Famous Philly which fans declare “savory,” plus Meatball and Cheese, Big Kahuna Cheese Steak, Chicken Parm, Chipotle Cheese Steak, and Grilled Pastrami Reuben. If you want lighter wrap, try any of the wraps: Chicken Caesar, Buffalo Chicken, Baja Chicken, Grilled Veggie, Turkey Wrap. Want a sub made as a wrap? They’ll do that too, for the same price as a regular sub sandwich.


If you want to watch your calories, you can also order any sandwich as a salad in a bowl.

Visit your own Jersey Mike’s and you’ll see why customers praise the “delicious sandwiches combined with friendly service like a well-oiled machine.” Customers claim Jersey’s Mike’s “makes a fundamentally sound sandwich” and you’ll want to try everything on their menu. With just one bite of a fresh hot or cold sandwich, you’ll learn why Jersey Mike’s is one of the oldest sub restaurants around,selling sandwiches with an authentic taste dating back to 1956.


Jonesing for Jersey Mikes Coupons in 2013

Submarine sandwich franchises may seem abundant in this country, and there is often very little that differentiates between one chain and the next. What it always comes down to is determining which business offers the highest quality sandwich for the most economically friendly price. All throughout 2013, one particular submarine shop will be offering great deals on their high quality sandwiches in the form of coupons for Jersey Mikes.

Finding Special Coupons for Jersey Mikes on 2013

Jersey Mike’s Subs offers an extensive sandwich menu unrivaled by any typical sub shop. Whether you want your sub cold or hot, in a wrap or in a tub, Jersey Mike’s has it covered, specializing in a variety of Italian meats, including Cappacuolo and Prosciuttini. Included are options for healthy salads as well as a variety of cookies and brownies, so that every step of the meal is covered.

jersey mikes subs 2013Now offering an online ordering service, Jersey Mike’s makes getting your food as simple as walking to your door. Fast and efficient whether you dine in or order delivery, Jersey Mike’s makes sure you never have to wait long for your food. Jersey Mike’s will also cater any event that you may have, whether it be a football tailgate, an office luncheon, or something else entirely. Affordable pricing for group meals makes Jersey Mike’s always the best choice for a group outing by using Jersey Mikes coupons in 2013.

Jersey Mike’s has won a variety of awards for their outstanding products including the ‘Best Sandwich Shop’ of Orange County, California, the ‘Best Sub Award’ of Longview, Texas, and the ‘Best Deli Award’ from the Kingsport Times. Jersey Mike’s strives to offer high quality food and service, using only the best brands of meat and cheese, and baking their bread fresh every day at every location.

Great savings at Jersey Mike’s will be available all throughout 2013. By signing up for the Jersey Mike’s Email Club, patrons will receive a bi-monthly email detailing all upcoming offers and coupons. Simply by signing up, you receive a free sub and drink coupon to be used on your birthday. The Email Club is free to anyone ages 13 and older, and is available right on the Jersey Mike’s homepage.

Jersey Mike’s offers a rewards program for frequent customers, so the more you eat, the more you can save. With only four sandwich purchases, you can accumulate enough points to earn a free fifth sandwich, or you can continue saving them up for more valuable prizes. By connecting your rewards program account to the mobile application, you can manage your points, earn bonus points, and receive access to even more special offers.

With over 500 locations available around the country, a Jersey Mike’s is never too far away. Discounts for 2013 will be available all throughout the fiscal year. Contact your local restaurant or visit the Jersey Mike’s webpage for any available coupons or savings for the coming year.

Stop in to your local Jersey Mike’s to experience high quality subs and efficient service at an always affordable price. Jersey Mike’s knows how to make good food fast and your money last.