Jersey Mike’s Subs Serving You Nothing But the Best

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a popular sub or submarine sandwich chain located at Manasquan, New Jersey. Presently, this chain has over five hundred stores that operate all over the US. The first store was actually founded in the year 1956. It was originally called Mike’s Subs. Peter Cancro who is the CEO and owner of this company worked at Mike’s on 1956, he was still fourteen years old during the time. In 1975, Mike’s became available for sale and Peter’s mother suggested to buy it. After just three days of operation, Peter, together with a high school senior and his football coach managed to earn around $125,000. The company continues to grow, satisfying millions of customers from all over the US so it is no longer surprising why it managed to build more than five hundred outlets.

Presently, the authentic tastes of all the dishes served by Jersey Mike’s still continue to capture the attention of many. What makes this store unique is the fact that its recipes are made using high quality and fresh ingredients. The Angus beef that it uses are cooked and trimmed right at the store so you are guaranteed of its freshness. The cheese and meats that they use come from high quality brands while the bread recipes that they offer are freshly baked. The good thing about Jersey Mike’s is that they also prepare the dishes in front of you. This gives you a guarantee that your orders will definitely satisfy your cravings.

The Awe and Lure of Jersey Mikes Subs

jersey mikes subsJersey Mike’s Subs continue to satisfy their valued customers from different places all over the US because of its many branches. You can easily find an outlet in Oklahoma, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, West Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Florida, Nashville, California and many other locations. This gives you the opportunity to easily access an outlet in case you wish to get a taste of the delicious and healthy recipes that they provide. Among the recipes that you ought to try are the freshly made cold subs including the American classic made up of ham and provolone, the super sub consisting of ham, cappacuolo, prosciuttini and provolone, the tuna fish and the famous roast beef and provolone. The veggie sub is something that you should try if you want to get the right amount of protein without eating meat.

Freshly grilled hot subs are also available at Jersey Mike’s. Among your best choices would be the Jersey Mike’s Philly which is available in chicken or steak, the big Kahuna cheese steak made up of grilled onions, jalapenos, mushrooms, pepper and cheese, the meatball and cheese and the grilled pastrami Reuben which comes with Thousand Island dressing and Swiss cheese.

You will also enjoy Jersey Mike’s Subs wraps such as the chicken Caesar which is characterized by grilled sliced chicken breast and comes with creamy Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and lettuce. Other wraps offered by the store are the delicious Buffalo chicken, Baja chicken, grilled veggie and turkey wrap. Taking into consideration all the healthy and delicious choices that you have, it is just right for you to visit any of the Jersey Mike’s location.


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